Hulkil PV8F


PolySto PV8F skirting is a prefabricated full core coved skirting 2000x80x30mmH with sloped top and skirting to wall-floor according the EU-requirements.

The PV8F skirting consists of a non toxic unleaded PVC mass. Including matching accessories; prefabricated internal and external corners.

Waterproof bonding using PolySto Hard Fix Glue (Hybrid Polymere). Finishing of the joints using PolySto Food Safe Sealant or 2-component Hygiseal.

food production rooms, catering, industrial kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, cold rooms, clean rooms, behind machinery, sanitary rooms, washing rooms,…

PV8FDatablad: PolySto PVC Skirting – PV8F